About us


Historia Urbana is a venture developed by historians, communicators and graphic designers devoted to researching and developing different lines of content related to the history of organizations. Our professional skills and knowledge about the past are enhanced by a wide experience in communication

What we do


We help disseminate the history of businesses and institutions, favoring self-awareness and strengthening the identity of the organizations that contract our services. We believe that learning about the past of each organization is vital for building and recreating its identity, as well as for contemplating and reaching into the future. We help research into history, as well as unfold it and make it public through different media, such as museums, books, infographics, brochures, audiovisual productions, pieces of communication, posts with historical content, among others.



The methodology developed by Historia Urbana comprises different types of knowledge from a variety of fields (philology, history, art history, science history) and practical and artistic skills (journalistic or literary writing, graphic design, photography, editing, and so on). The working method is based on the field of study typical of human sciences, with their careful survey of documentary, bibliographic and photographic sources, and the intellectual maturing of the process we analyze and describe in the course of our work. Historia Urbana then proceeds to interpret the material and to draft the base text, paying special attention to the perspective requested by the organization that commissions the work. That task is performed based on guidelines defined at a series of previous interviews and talks held with clients referring to the extension, the tone and the content of the commissioned book or historical memoir. The stages involving photography and graphic design follow a similar process, after which different outlines are offered to the client for review.


During the whole process, the work team intensely discusses the drafts, which are enriched by the interdisciplinary approach of the different members of Historia Urbana. Lastly, the meticulous editorial and proofreading process guarantees a final product of the highest quality. Historia Urbana also supervises the printing process in order to avoid pigment distortions, miscutting or paper-related issues.



Our clients


• People interested in writing their biographies

• Families

• Producers of goods and services

• Utilities

• NGOs

• Educational organizations

• Government organizations

• Municipal and provincial administrations

• Publishing houses

• Unions

• Audiovisual content production companies






“History, as well as poetry, is an organ of our self-knowledge, an indispensable instrument for building up our human universe.”